Starting at 11 a.m., the official May 19 Philadelphia primary ballot will start taking shape inside courtroom 676 at City Hall.

There, acting supervisor of city elections Tim Dowling will re-unveil the vintage Horn & Hardart's coffee can from which candidates will engage in a process that decides the order of their ballot positions.

Dowling told NinetyNine on Tuesday that the candidates (or their good-luck proxies) will enter the ballot-position lottery in the same order the races appear on the ballot.

That order of plucking numbered balls from the can is as follows: mayoral, city commissioners, register of wills, sheriff, council at-large and district council.

The candidates will line up at the Horn & Hardart's can in the order in which they filed their nominating petitions at the County Board of Elections office last week.

For the mayoral race, that means Lynne Abraham will draw first.

Full lists will be available about an hour before the festivities start, Dowling said.

NinetyNine will be on hand at courtroom 676 to compile a full report later in the day. You can follow along on Twitter once the selections begin, too.