After twice vetoing bills demanding private employers offer earned sick time in Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter has established a task force to review the issue. 

Despite his vetoes, Nutter said he believes there should be earned sick time for every Philadelphia worker. But, he said, it's a matter of balancing everything involved, including economic conditions.

"We want to do right by everyone, those that are creating jobs and those who want jobs. We can do both," he said. "We are a big enough city to do big things."

Councilman Bill Greenlee, who proposed earned sick time bills twice, said he is not giving up.

"We think the more dialogue the better, and I certainly agree with the mayor that I think we can come up with a law that balances the benefits of both the worker and the employer," Greenlee said. "But let me make it clear, I am still 100 percent committed to having paid sick leave in Philadelphia."

The task force is expected to have a report ready by December.