It's one thing to be interested in a topic. It's another to see it as a potential career, know much about it or be familiar with someone already involved in the field.

That's the finding in the Girl Scout Research Institute's Generation STEM study. According to results, many girls are interested in science, technology, engineering and math, but it's getting beyond that interest that's a little more difficult. Some numbers from the study to consider:

  • 74 percent of teen girls are interested in STEM subjects and the general field of study
  • 82 percent of girls see themselves as “smart enough to have a career in STEM"
  • 57 percent of those studied concur that if they were to pursue a STEM career, they would “have to work harder than a man to be taken seriously”

The study comes as part of Girl Scouts of the USA's efforts to help those interested pursue their curiosity and goals around STEM careers.

Feed the Feed: Was there a career path or interest you considered as a kid but seemed to inaccessible to pursue?