In this week's 'So, What Do You Do?' segment, UD prof Cristina Archer talks about taking wind research to new heights.

Professor Cristina Archer doesn't mind being called the "wind lady" by students in her University of Delaware meteorology classes.  She admits that she can sometimes get carried away with her research in renewable energy and methods of harnessing wind power.  

"Since I'm a really nerdy person I like to study these topics from a theoretical approach with equations and models and simulators," Archer told Shoshana Martyniak in this week's "So, What Do You Do?" segment. 

Archer's goal is to find ways to use wind to generate clean, cheap and plentiful energy and she is looking at some amazing ways to achieve that goal.  

Archer sat down with interviewer Martyniak, editor in chief of The Jewish Voice in Wilmington, Del., to talk about how Archer and other scientists are looking for non-fossil fuel energy sources. Topics ranged from new research on airborne, floating wind turbines to ways wind power can save humanity.  Turns out wind is pretty weighty stuff.

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For a cool view of which way the wind is blowing throughout the country, check out this wind map