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  • September 4, 2015

    Feds warn NJ rule changes could hurt water quality

    The federal Environmental Protection Agency is concerned that regulatory changes proposed by New Jersey could hurt the state's purest waters.
  • September 4, 2015

    Pa. weighs avian flu threat

    Pennsylvania is bracing for a possible outbreak of what was once called the "fowl plague" – a highly contagious form of bird flu that devast...
  • September 4, 2015

    Made in America a dry run for pope in Philly events

    Preparations for a two-day concert this weekend on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway are nearly finished, but the event will serve as a dry run for the po...
  • September 4, 2015 |  What Are We Thinking

    Poll details waxing, waning ratings for GOP presidential hopefuls

    NewsWorks Tonight host Dave Heller sits down for his weekly conversation with Gallup's Frank Newport to talk about trends in American opinion.
  • September 4, 2015

    95th Miss America Pageant returns to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall

    The Miss America Pageant returns to Atlantic Citythis month and will be televised live on ABC TV.
  • September 4, 2015

    New Jersey challenges EPA's Clean Power Plan

    New Jersey is asking the EPA to reconsider its new Clean Power Plan, which requires each state to meet a personalized carbon emission goal for its pow...
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