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  • October 29, 2014

    Cheyney University supporters claim discrimination in suit against Pa., US

    Heeding Cheyney's Call, a broad-based coalition of Cheyney University supporters, has revived a federal civil rights lawsuit against Pennsylvania...
  • October 29, 2014 |  Down the Shore

    Gallery: Two years after Superstorm Sandy along the Route 35 corridor in Ocean County

    Two years after Superstorm Sandy, some portions of the Route 35 corridor along Ocean County's northern barrier island remain relatively unchanged...
  • October 29, 2014

    Two years after Sandy: 'I just want to go home,' Shore residents tell U.S. delegation

    Union Beach was one of the New Jersey towns that was hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy two years ago. More than 300 families there are still displaced. ...
  • October 29, 2014

    40 face drug charges in Camden County, N.J.

    Authorities say a Camden County police officer is among 40 people charged in connection with a drug trafficking network.
  • October 29, 2014

    Delaware U.S. Senate candidates argue ISIS and compromise [video]

    Everything from the economy, Ebola, foreign policy, the U.S. Border, bipartisanship and the war on gun violence was put on the table for the three Del...
  • October 29, 2014

    Strouse fights uphill battle against U.S. Rep. Fitzpatrick despite Dem' growing numbers

    On a sunny fall morning, Democrat Kevin Strouse stepped to a podium set in front of LOVE Park's gushing fountain in Philadelphia. As part of a n...
  • October 29, 2014

    Major country music festival planned in Delaware

    Delaware State Fair officials will announce plans for a new music festival coming to Kent County next summer.
  • October 29, 2014

    Russians deliver space station cargo after US rocket explosion

    Just hours after an American cargo run to the International Space Station ended in flames, a Russian supply ship has arrived at the station with a loa...
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