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  • July 31, 2015

    SEPTA police getting body cameras

    Every officer with SEPTA's Transit Police Department will soon be equipped with a body camera. The transit authority will spend nearly $300,000 ...
  • July 31, 2015

    Documentary shines a light on spirit, activism, abiding voice of poet Sonia Sanchez

    When Sonia Sanchez talks about herself, she may not really be talking about herself. In her performance-poem “Middle Passage,” which opens the new do...
  • July 31, 2015 |  What Are We Thinking?

    Poll: Republicans with lowest education, income most likely to support Trump

    The first official debate of the 2016 political season will be held next Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio. Only the 10 candidates with the highest average ...
  • July 31, 2015

    Judge sets date for first trial from Paulsboro derailment

    A trial date has been set for lawsuits stemming from a 2012 train derailment in South Jersey.
  • July 31, 2015

    In case you missed it: This week's good reads about Pennsylvania's cities

    Ah...summer! Baseball, water fun...and a budget impasse. Catch up on this week's Pennsylvania city news.
  • July 31, 2015

    Longtime NJ senator announces bid for governor

    A prominent New Jersey lawmaker will not seek another term in the state Legislature as he works on plans to run for governor in 2017.
  • July 31, 2015

    Police catch Philadelphia family sneaking into theme park

    Police say a Philadelphia woman and nine members of her family tried taking a theme park for a ride by running into the park without paying for ticket...
  • July 31, 2015

    Customs and Border Patrol leader visits Port of Wilmington [video]

    Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske paid a visit to the top port in North America for fruit imports.
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