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  • December 19, 2014

    Delaware shuts one charter school, spares another

    One Delaware charter will close at school year's end, a second will live at least another year, and a third could be in big trouble due to financ...
  • December 19, 2014

    Philly schools adopt five-year plan with minimal 'ask' of $30 million

    To maintain the same "insufficient" progams being offered this year, the Philadelphia School District says it will need an additional $30 mi...
  • December 18, 2014

    Rural NJ school districts lose court case over state aid

    New Jersey's School Funding Reform Act of 2008 was established to end years of unequal state education aid.
  • December 18, 2014 |  Recap

    Philabundance manager offers volunteers a good workout

    The holiday season is a time to think about giving, not just to family and friends, but to those in need. This week's guest on Recap thinks about...
  • December 18, 2014 |  NJ Spotlight

    The bureaucratic nightmare that some Sandy homeowners went through

    Frank Azack doesn’t bother to lock his door anymore. “There’s nothing to take,” he chuckled. “The house is totally empty!”
  • December 18, 2014

    Barnegat woman accused of waving rifle at children

    Police say a Barnegat woman used a rifle to threaten a group of children.
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