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  • October 30, 2014 |  listen

    76ers strategy: to get very good, you have to get very bad first

    The Philadelphia 76ers new season gets underway this week. Hope springs eternal, or does that apply in this case, coming off of last year's 19-63...
  • October 30, 2014 |  LISTEN

    Pierre's Costumes is not your run-of-the-mill Halloween store

    Halloween is tomorrow. Do you have your costume? If not and you're short on ideas, there's still time to stop by Pierre's Costumes, a ...
  • October 30, 2014 |  The Artful Blogger

    Grounds For Sculpture is exhibiting a 50-year retrospective of Michael Graves' work

    For Michael Graves, it all begins with lines on paper. His otherwise serious demeanor becomes playful when his hand wields a drawing implement. And h...
  • October 30, 2014

    'Detroit': Fire in a crowded theater

    Shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater is forbidden, but what about setting a fire in a crowded theater? That's happening these nights a...
  • October 29, 2014 |  Shapiro on Theater

    The Prince Music Theater's template became the norm

    The news that the Prince Music Theater, on Chestnut Street in the shadow of City Hall, will be shutting its doors and that its producing arm, the Amer...
  • October 29, 2014

    Weekly Entertainment Guide - 'Mary Poppins,' "Henry V,' and Halloween fun

    "Time warp" from Rocky Horror to Mary Poppins to War of the Worlds! Halloween fun and much more this week. Robin Bloom shares her picks.
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