Trump's Republican and conservative allies are "livid" and "irate" and "furious" that he has cut a deal with Democratic congressional leaders to extend the debt ceiling and fund the government until December. Yep, they're indeed seething big time.

David Bozell, president of a Trumpian group called For America, says, "These are moments that can derail President Trump's presidency."

Adam Brandon, president of the tea-partying Freedom Works, says, "Talk about burning bridges with the grassroots....(This) will not be tolerated."

Jenny Beth Martin, a founder of Tea Party Patriots, says that Trump has adopted "liberal policy priorities."

Ex-GOP senator and prominent conservative voice Jim DeMint says, "It's just a bretrayal of everything we've been talking about for years as Republicans."

GOP congressman Mark Walker says, "It's unsettling."

An unnmamed House Republican says, "It's terrible."

An unnnamed GOP official says, "He f----d us."

But hang on a sec. Dare I suggest that these teed-off Trumpkins have twisted priorities? Doesn't it strike you as bizarre that this particular Trump move - reaching across the aisle to keep the government open and allow Uncle Sam to keep paying its bills - is the one that has triggered their vociferous outrage?

In other words, it's apparently OK (because their track record of silence has signaled that it's OK) for Trump to defend white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

And it's OK for Trump to describe the Confederate fight for slavery as "our heritage."

And it's OK for Trump to soil the First Amendment by tagging journalists as "enemies of the people."

And it’s OK for Trump to fire an FBI director who was probing ties to a foreign adversary that hacked our election and flooded it with disinformation.

And it's OK for Trump to use the presidency to personally enrich himself.

And it's OK for Trump to target travelers on the basis of their religion.

And it's OK for Trump to sow the specter of a voter-fraud epidemic that does not exist.

And it's OK for Trump to assail the integrity of our election process (thus abetting Putin) by lying that Hillary didn't win the popular vote.

And it's OK for Trump to gut the Environmental Protection Agency and pretend that man-made climate change does not exist.

And it's OK for Trump to malign the Muslim-American parents of a dead soldier and defame a federal judge of Hispanic heritage.

And it's OK for Trump to bilk students of his fake university, then pay them off with $25 million.

And it's OK that Trump devoted five years to his racist lie that Barack Obama wasn't born in America...

All that, and so much more, is deemed forgiveable. What's unforgiveable - the real infamy - is doing a temporary deal with Democrats. Go figure.

Future historians will marvel at this twisted mentality. But for now, we can be reasonably sure that if Trump were truly to shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, denizens of the fever swamp would probably fume about the time he let Chuck and Nancy sit on his couch.


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