National Interest

  • January 10, 2014

    Christie plays Sgt. Schultz: "I see nothing! I know nothing!"

    Chris Christie's spin session was longer than Robert Redford's broken boat movie, All Is Lost. We don't yet know whether Christie...
  • January 9, 2014 |  National Interest Blog

    Team Christie's vengeful road rage

    Let us ponder New Jersey's thugocracy, where the guy in charge gives new meaning to the term bully pulpit, where public servants entrusted with t...
  • January 8, 2014 |  National Interest Blog

    Robert Gates, in the tradition of kiss and tell

    Gee, what a shock. A high-ranking presidential appointee has written a book dissing his boss.
  • January 7, 2014 |  National Interest Blog

    Family values fraud: No right to privacy

    It's generally bad form to speak ill of the dead, but let us make an exception for Bill Young, the powerful Florida congressman who died in Octob...
  • January 6, 2014 |  National Interest Blog

    Lights out for a dim bulb issue

    Remember when the incandescent light bulb was a cause celebre on the Republican right? Circa 2011, conservatives like Michelle Bachmann ranted that th...
  • January 4, 2014 |  National Interest Blog

    John Roberts whines about the world he helped create

    This special Saturday post was inspired by the fine whine of Chief Justice John Roberts. His New Year's Eve report - lamenting the sequester cuts...
  • January 3, 2014

    Why do most Republicans hate Darwin?

    The faith-based, ideological insularity of the GOP is perfectly captured in this stunning new poll statistic: Only 43 percent of Republicans believe...
  • January 2, 2014

    The political stories to watch in 2014

    The new year is only a day old, which means that nobody has screwed up yet. For now, I'll just plot the hot political stories of 2014 - a tip s...