My background: I began working in public broadcasting in 1989 as a "Morning Edition" host at KCFR in Denver. That's when I first heard a wonderful show from Philadelphia called "Fresh Air." I couldn't believe that people would reveal so much to Terry Gross, including things they had not told anyone else before.

I began working at Fresh Air in 1994 as an associate producer and learned what made Terry so effective. Ironically it was spelled out for me on a fortune cookie strip that was taped on the control room board. It quoted Louis Pasteur: "Fortune favors the prepared mind." Terry is more prepared than most; she reads each book in its entirety before she interviews its author.

My next position, as senior producer for Radio Times, gave me the opportunity to engage in intelligent debate over local issues that impact our daily lives.

I live in Princeton, N.J. and also lived for many years in Mt. Laurel and West Deptford. I grew up in Fort Collins, Co.

Alan Tu


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New Jersey Editor