Environmental journalist Dan Fagin's 2013 book "Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation," has just earned him the 2014 Pulitzer Prize. The book chronicles more than half a century of industrial pollution in the New Jersey town and its connection to a child cancer cluster there.

NewsWorks Tonight Host Dave Heller spoke with Dan Fagin about what's happened in the town in the year since the book came out.

"The cleanup has continued," says Fagin. "They'll be pumping contaminated groundwater at the Toms River site for at least another decade. That's the downside. But on the upside, there's no reason at all to think that Toms River is an unsafe place to live. In fact there's every reason to think that the air and water in Tom's River is a little bit safer ... because so much attention has been given to this issue."

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