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  • June 15, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight June 15, 2015 - Full Show

    Tom MacDonald reports on how the city deals with water main breaks like the one that occurred in Philadelphia over the week. Sara Hoover looks at how ...
  • June 12, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight June 12, 2015 - Full Show

    Laura Benshoff reports Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says he supports postponing implementation of the Keystone Exam as a graduation requirement. Bob...
  • June 11, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight, June 11, 2015 - Full Show

    Reporter Tony Abraham joins us to discuss complaints to the Philadelphia Department of Health from nursing homes, 92 percent of which are dismissed. T...
  • June 10, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight June 10, 2015 - Full Show

    WHYY’s Senior Education reporter Kevin McCorry joins host Dave Heller to discuss what to expect for Philadelphia’s School District funding in the City...
  • June 9, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight June 9, 2015 - Full Show

    As incidents and protests across the country suggest, America can't quite call itself a post-racial society just yet. Still, if you look at votin...
  • June 8, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight June 8, 2015 - Full Show

    Mary Wilson joins us to discuss the Pennsylvania Senate's confirmation vote on a controversial choice for State Police Commissioner. Kevin McCorr...
  • June 5, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight June 5, 2015 - Full Show

    Mark Eichmann attends the second day of mourning for Beau Biden in Delaware. Aaron Moselle checks in from the two year anniversary of the fatal buildi...
  • June 4, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight, June 4, 2015 - Full Show

    State Impact's Susan Philips looks into the EPA’s long awaited report on fracking. Tom MacDonald explores the back and forth on City Council fund...
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