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  • December 12, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 12, 2014 - Full Show

    Maiken Scott reports on the role of psychology and behavioral health practices in police department reforms. In the third installment of our series on...
  • December 11, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 11, 2014 - Full Show

    Keystone Crossroads' Emily Previti looks at the York County schools, which could go into receivership, becoming one of the only districts in the ...
  • December 10, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 10, 2014 - Full Show

    Marie Cusick reports that Marcellus Shale gas drillers agree to pay workers $4.5 million in back pay. Aaron Moselle recounts Penn students' PILOT...
  • December 9, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 9, 2014 - Full Show

    Tom MacDonald reports on the first female firefighter in Philadelphia to lose her life in the line of duty and Angela Hughes, president of iWomen, an ...
  • December 8, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 8, 2014 - Full Show

    WNYC’s Matt Katz sits down with Dave Heller’s to help explain the recent developments in “Bridgegate" and their implications for Chris Christie. ...
  • December 5, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 5, 2014 - Full Show

    Kevin McCorry reports on Philadelphia high school students holding “Die-in” protests in response to the grand jury decision not to indict a New York C...
  • December 4, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 4, 2014 - Full Show

    Dave Davies and Dave Heller discuss the sentencing of former traffic court judge Thomasine Tynes for her perjury conviction. NewsWorks blogger Solomon...
  • December 3, 2014

    NewsWorks Tonight, December 3, 2014 - Full Show

    Aaron Moselle reports that the search continues a week later for missing Roxborough man Shane Montgomery. Bill Hangley looks at the potent...
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