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  • May 14, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 14, 2015 - Full Show

    Tom MacDonald gives an update on the crash of Amtrak train 188 in north Philadelphia. Susan Phillips investigates whether oil trains were nearby whe...
  • May 13, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 13, 2015 - Full Show

    Host Dave Heller gets an update on the fatal train derailment that occurred in Philadelphia late Tuesday night from Tom MacDonald. Todd Bookman report...
  • May 12, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 12, 2015 - Full Show

    Tom MacDonald profiles the Democractic incumbents in Philadelphia's crowded city council race. StateImpact Pennsylvania's Marie Cusick repor...
  • May 11, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight, May 11, 2015 - Full Show

    Phil Gregory reports on a bill to regulate breast milk banks in New Jersey. Bobby Allyn has a remembrance of a cyclist killed in an accident with a mo...
  • May 8, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 8, 2015 - Full Show

    Host Dave Heller speaks with Dave Davies about the deadline for campaign financial reports from candidates and their supporters in the democratic prim...
  • May 7, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 7, 2015 - Full Show

    President Obama's opportunity gap initiative called "My Brother's Keeper" has arrived in Philadelphia. Bill Hangley reports on wha...
  • May 6, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 6, 2015 - Full Show

    Tom MacDonald reports on how the city of Philadelphia is targeting dangerous buildings for demolition. Katie Colaneri heads to Brewerytown to hear how...
  • May 5, 2015

    NewsWorks Tonight May 5, 2015 - Full Show

    Bill Hangley reports on an emergency motion filed by the Pennsylvania Convention Center in their labor dispute with two unions. Steve Trader reports t...
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