• March 30, 2017 |  NewsWorks Tonight

    What is the role of the FCC in safeguarding privacy?

    A yet to take affect regulation requiring internet service providers to obtain consumer consent prior to selling their information was overturned in C...
  • March 29, 2017

    Philly controller says $220,000 in questionable charges should be repaid to city

    Almost a quarter million dollars in questionable charges should be reimbursed to the Mayor's Fund for Philadelphia, the city controller said Wedn...
  • March 29, 2017

    Former Christie allies get prison time in Bridgegate scandal

    Two former allies of Gov. Chris Christie have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in politically motivated traffic jams at the George Was...
  • March 28, 2017

    With corruption case against associate dropped, where does former Pa. treasurer stand?

    Good news for Chester County businessman Richard Ireland. His corruption case was dismissed yesterday by a federal judge.
  • March 28, 2017

    Government watchdogs move to bar Philly commissioners from monitoring May primary vote

    A pair of government watchdog groups in Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit with hopes of stopping the city commissioners from overseeing May's prim...
  • March 27, 2017

    What’s happened since New Jersey took over Atlantic City in November?

    Stand in Mayor Don Guardian's corner office on the seventh floor of City Hall, and the signs of Atlantic City's money troubles are all around you.
  • March 27, 2017

    Intersecting demonstrations in Philly attest to polarizing views, potential for violence

    Philadelphia Chief Inspector Melvin Singleton had to act fast.
  • March 25, 2017

    Combatting opioids with paint: Mural Arts sets up shop in heart of epidemic

    It has been all hands on deck as Philadelphia wrestles with a worsening opioid drug crisis, one that has caused more than 900 overdose deaths last yea...
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