• May 25, 2016

    Philly Council president calls for compromise to pay for pre-K

    Representatives of the Kenney administration talked taxes during a City Council hearing. And there appears to be some softening on the hard line on t...
  • May 25, 2016

    A garden, a redevelopment plan, and a fight over who owns a neighborhood

    A group of gardeners in North Philadelphia have gotten the city's public housing authority to negotiate with them.
  • May 25, 2016

    Kenney working on plan to collect overdue Philly business taxes

    A move is underway to collect overdue business taxes in Philadelphia, but it could take a while.
  • May 24, 2016 |  PlanPhilly

    PPA lambasted by education advocates over recent amendments to UberX, Lyft legalization bill

    The Pennsylvania House recently amended a bill legalizing Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like UberX and Lyft, effectively take money away from...
  • May 24, 2016

    A 411 to find fair labor businesses

    Philadelphia has joined Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as cities where consumers can avail themselves of a pro-labor business guide....
  • May 24, 2016

    Cosby to stand trial in sex assault case [updated]

    Bill Cosby's attorneys failed on Tuesday to have sexual assault charges against him dropped, moving the case one step closer to trial. District ...
  • May 23, 2016

    Latest generation of City Hall peregrine falcons in fine health

    A nesting pair of peregrine falcons, now in their sixth year atop City Hall in Philadelphia, have gotten some good news from the doctor. Their three ...
  • May 23, 2016

    Health leaders get vocal in support of Philly soda tax proposal

    Area doctors and public health advocates are stepping up their support of a sugary drink tax in Philadelphia.
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