• November 6, 2015

    South Jersey addiction recovery center to close over lack of funding

    The call for more drug-treatment options in New Jersey has been getting louder as a growing number of officials and residents decry what they see as a...
  • November 6, 2015

    Experts say schools overreact to head lice

    Recent research found that head lice have mutated genetically to become resistant to most over-the-counter treatments. This is likely a result of over...
  • November 6, 2015

    Reporter's Roundtable: Tough week for Kathleen Kane and Chip Fattah

    NewsWorks Tonight Guest Host Brad Linder talks with Mary Wilson and Bobby Allyn about two public figures who've had better weeks: Pennsylvania At...
  • November 6, 2015 |  What Are We Thinking

    Poll: Are the visuals of the debate stage tarnishing the GOP's image?

    NewsWorks Tonight host Dave Heller sits down for his weekly conversation with Gallup's Frank Newport to talk about trends in American opinion.
  • November 6, 2015

    Dance troupe building cultural bridges in Mideast visits Philly

    A Los Angeles-based modern dance troupe has been asked by the U.S. State Department to act as cultural ambassadors to Israel and Jordan.
  • November 5, 2015

    'Big pile of poop' a key ingredient of Philly farm students' education

    It's just before 8 a.m. on a drizzly autumn morning at the W.B. Saul High School farm in Roxborough. Scott Blunk is already hard at work adding s...
  • November 5, 2015

    Measuring 'economic anxiety' of the American public

    Listeners to Marketplace (weeknights at 6:30 following NewsWorks Tonight) have come to count on Kai Ryssdal for a road map to navigate the twists and ...
  • November 5, 2015

    Exploring genetic roots to help students understand race, themselves

    What if you found out you weren't really who you thought you were? A West Chester University project is using DNA to unearth surprises and start...
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