I'm used to getting an earful from politicians from time to time about something I've reported or not reported, or should have reported differently.

But I don't ususally get critiques of my on-air fundraising pitches for WHYY.

When I was in city hall a couple of days ago I happened upon Mayor Nutter talking to a few reporters. When I joined the group, he said, "Well, Dave Davies," and started in on me, in a pointed but perfectly good-natured way. Listen for yourself:

Two things: I'm pleased to learn that the mayor listens to WHYY in the morning for news and analysis. And I sincerely hope he supports the station with a pledge.

That's right, Mayor. I'm calling you out.

I make sure to pay my taxes in full and on time to support the city and school district because I know if I don't, I'm just putting the burden on others. I always say that if you listen to public radio and don't support it, you should thank your neighbors on the street for picking up your tab, because somebody is

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