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Howard Shapiro
Howard Shapiro
  • March 6, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'Tomfoolery,' but far from foolish

    Tom Lehrer, a master of irreverence, wrote cheerful songs that slammed core Establishment values in the '50s and also land punches today. I didn&...
  • February 24, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'Lost Girls' barely holding on

    Not far from Theatre Exile's Studio X, where a punch-in-the-gut drama called "Lost Girls" is playing, there's a mural that says in...
  • February 22, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'The Matchmaker' from another era

    Thornton Wilder's play "The Matchmaker" has a sweet innocence from another time, on clear display in a production at People's Ligh...
  • February 20, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'Leper + Chip' = reckless young adults, hooked on trouble

    If a point lurks somewhere in Irish writer Lee Coffey's play called "Leper + Chip," I can't find it. Not that every play needs a p...
  • February 11, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: Feeding the needy in 'Grand Concourse'

    There's a ton of feeling in the soup-kitchen play "Grand Concourse," and every ounce of it rings true. That's partly because playw...
  • February 10, 2017 |  Shapiro On Theater

    Review: Tangling with concepts in 'The Enchanted'

    In "The Enchanted," an adaptation of a strange play written by Jean Giraudoux in 1933, life battles with death. And the real world brawls wi...
  • February 3, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: Simply 'Having Our Say'

    When the Delany sisters speak, you listen. You have to. Between them, they have more than two centuries of recollections and wisdom. So it's no s...
  • January 27, 2017 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: Intellects sparring lustily in 'Marcus/Emma'

    What do you get when you pair America's most visionary black nationalist with America's most radical anarchist? If you're very lucky, y...
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