NewsWorks is looking at plans for the development of Philadelphia's North Broad Street corridor. WHYY's Elizabeth Fiedler reported last week that developer Eric Blumenfeld has some new plans for the neighborhood surrounding the Divine Lorraine.

Now some residents are wondering why their homes are replaced by other buildings on the map.

At this point, Blumenfeld says no plans are definite, and he's reaching out to people in the neighborhood for their input.

Some readers are skeptical it'll happen at all. Many object to Blumenfeld's proposal to use public money to fund part of the project. Assuming redevelopment moves forward, what do you want to know more about? What concerns do you have about the plan?

Tell us below what you want to
know about the development.

Maybe you have a memory of how it used to be. Do you want it to go back to how it was, or do you have other hopes for the future of the neighborhood?