Science news

  • January 8, 2015 |  The Pulse

    Exaggerated science reporting - who's to blame?

    Checking the latest health and science stories online, you tend to come across headlines meant to gr...
  • December 26, 2014

    The big Pharma trends of 2014

    From the debate over drug pricing to the heightened restructuring of an industry, the region's ...
  • December 18, 2014 |  The Pulse

    This week in science: High-fat diets during pregnancy and studying drug addiction through Legos

    Four different animal studies suggest that a high-fat diet during pregnancy may have adverse effects...
  • November 13, 2014 |  The Pulse

    Finding our galaxy's most distant stars

    Two new stars are found5,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away.
  • November 13, 2014 |  The Pulse

    This week in science: Philae landing, mouse control and cat genes

    It's been a busy week in the science world, perhaps best symbolized by the explosion of the &qu...
  • July 17, 2014 |  The Pulse

    Top science stories of the week: Lab safety snafus, feathered dinosaurs and genetic pacemakers

    The Scientist's Kerry Grens updates us on hazardous mishaps at government labs, genetic pacemak...
  • June 27, 2014 |  The Pulse

    Science explains changes in water temperature from beach to beach

    Ocean water surface temperatures vary greatly along the Eastern Seaboard. An oceanographer explains ...
  • June 13, 2014 |  The Pulse

    Vocal fry may be hurting women's job prospects

    Should vocal fry be put on hold in an interview setting?
  • June 12, 2014 |  The Pulse

    Should we swap our pillows for productivity?

    Polyphasic sleep patterns like the "Uberman" promise to return your nights to you, but do ...
  • May 8, 2014 |  The Pulse

    This week in science: Young mouse blood, white nose syndrome and penguin flu

    The Scientist's Kerry Grens explains new research on young blood in mice, white nose syndrome i...
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