A protest at Philadelphia City Hall on Thursday was aimed at President Trump and his effort to ban transgender men and women from serving in the U.S. military. 

Several former and current members of the military, gay, lesbian and transgender spoke about why they think the ban is wrong on many levels. 

Sue Fulton was in the first class at United States Military Academy at West Point to admit women and lives in New Jersey with her partner.  She said LGBT men and women want to fight for their country.

"This isn't just about fairness, it's about military readiness and the troops know it, one of the most welcome results of this week is that our transgender service members have heard the message from their peers and those higher up in the chain of command, we value you and we have your back."

Captain Evelyn Rhynedance is an active duty member of the special forces and transgender woman.

"I'm grateful for the privilege I've had to serve with the best soldiers in the world. We've been able to do some amazing things in some remarkable places and we were able to do that because we all raised our hands and came together for a reason and there are thousands of people like me who will continue to raise those hands and doing those things."

Amber Hikes, the city of Philadelphia's head of LGBT affairs said the rally was had two messages... supporting past and present LGBTQ members of the military and fighting to keep their rights to serve.

"Government sanctioned discrimination has absolutely no place in Philadelphia, it has absolutely no place in this country, we cannot go backwards,  and we will resist oppression at every single turn and every single place that we see it."

While it's not clear how or when the Pentagon would implement President Trump's ban, those at Thursday's rally are organizing other service members to challenge the ban in court, if necessary.