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  • December 27, 2016 |  View Finders

    A moveable Feast of Lights

    About 250 cars topped with glowing menorahs paraded down the Ben Franklin Parkway and through Center City to Independence Mall Monday night in a brigh...
  • November 21, 2016 |  VIEW FINDERS

    Wind-whipped athletes blow through Philly marathon in record time [photos]

    Battling through whipping winds and plummeting temperatures, runners from around the world made the 26.2-mile trek at the 23rd annual Philadelphia Mar...
  • November 17, 2016 |  VIEW FINDERS

    Holiday cheer lights up Franklin Square

    If you’re in need of an escape from the real world, an outdoor getaway awaits not far from Independence Mall. It features a free light show, burgers, ...
  • November 9, 2016

    Disability rights activists react to Trump presidency in Philadelphia

    When North Carolina was called for Donald Trump, a crying Dynah Haubert left the Sheraton ballroom.
  • November 8, 2016 |  VIEW FINDERS

    Constitution Center celebrates Election Day with presidents of the past [photos]

    Amelia Broadway dressed as Abraham Lincoln for her Girl Scout troop's Election Day trip to the National Constitution Center.
  • November 8, 2016 |  VIEW FINDERS

    Walking a mile in the shoes of refugees on Independence Mall

    A collection of tents occupying Independence Mall this week takes visitors through a step-by-step re-creation of the struggle faced by 65 million peop...
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