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  • August 17, 2017 |  National Interest

    CEOs to Trump: You're bad for business

    It's not often — actually, it's never happened before — that a Republican president gets dissed and dumped by corporate titans like Dow, Mer...
  • August 15, 2017 |  Speak Easy

    Essay: Talking to kids about Charlottesville will shape sense of justice, not steal innocence

    I find that I am relieved that my child isn't old enough to have to explain these hateful events to him and why they're wrong. I don't ...
  • August 15, 2017 |  Speak Easy

    Op-ed: Medical Marijuna? Yes. This location? No.

    On April 25, more than 300 residents of Mt. Airy filled the sanctuary of Oxford Presbyterian Church for a three-hour meeting to hear from Chris Visco ...
  • August 14, 2017 |  The Philadelphia Experiment

    Heather Heyer's death in Charlottesville must not be in vain

    Hate came to Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend, and it refused to be ignored.
  • March 1, 2017 |  Speak Easy

    Essay: A year after the DNC, my eyes are open and I'm wide awake

    A couple of weeks ago, Facebook started reminding me of some acutely painful memories from "1 Year Ago Today."Whether it's one year or ...
  • August 12, 2017 |  Speak Easy

    Essay: In praise of eloquence

    Silence, far from being golden, is the terror of modern communication. For those of us forced to endure the prattling of people who, having nothing to...
  • August 13, 2017 |  National Interest

    The blood on Trump's hands

    Dante Alighieri never had the pleasure of knowing Donald Trump - the Italian author of "Dante's Inferno" died nearly 700 years ago - bu...
  • August 10, 2017 |  The Remix with Dr. James Peterson

    The Watts riots: listening to 'the language of the unheard'

    This year marked the 25th anniversary of the L.A. riot and the 50th anniversary of the Newark and Detroit riots — all sparked by incidents of racially...
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