Shapiro on Theater

Howard Shapiro
Howard Shapiro
  • August 11, 2014

    Review: Conjuring up 'Blithe Spirit'

    Ghosts are nothing new to Cape May – you can even take walking or trolley tours to hear about their alleged Victorian and post-Victorian hauntings. So...
  • August 8, 2014 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: The fragility of 'The Glass Menagerie'

    "The Glass Menagerie," Tennessee Williams' great memory play, boasts one of the stage's great characters, too – the fierce and fie...
  • August 7, 2014 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'Death of a Salesman' — different color, same striking tone

    The delusional Willy Loman, head of the household in Arthur Miller's now-classic "Death of a Salesman," is one of the American theater&...
  • August 1, 2014 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'Henry IV' with a cast of, well, lots

    Staging an all-out war with eight or nine cast members playing both sides is a mighty challenge for some directors of Shakespeare. But not for Alex To...
  • July 31, 2014 |  Shapiro on Theater

    Review: 'The Book of Mormon' and the money-reaping quality of questionable taste

    The shocking thing about the Broadway blockbuster "The Book of Mormon," whose excellently performed national tour has settled into a seven-w...
  • July 28, 2014

    Review: The ambitious 'Macbeth'

    Even for "Macbeth," the current production at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival is dark and stark – often beautifully so. Its design – t...
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